Thursday, January 10, 2013

50 days in Bahrain

My work in sending me to Bahrain for 50 days (90 total days) to work, my project will be split up into to parts. I will be onsite working for the first 50 days and then be back for the other 40 days, to finish up working.
I plan on keeping a daily log of my events, not sure what access to the internet I will have, and what I should post while I am in country. I have heard that they country limits certain activities and websites from being viewed.
I have been following several new sites, and have signed up for the US Embassy feeds, along with continually watching the US Navy 5th Fleet site to see what is happening in country.
I have a nice long flight, starting on January 9th leaving McGhee Tyson heading to Detroit, have a 1:30 layover before heading to Amsterdam. Flying in Economy Plus, because my company is too cheap to get me Business class. The flight is supposed to be about 8 hours long, and then a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam before my 8 hour flight to Bahrain, with a stop in Abu Badui.

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