Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First Vegas Trip

Vegas for my birthday!
My twin sister decided my wife and I needed to meet her and her husband in Las Vegas for our birthday, and have a long weekend enjoying the place.
While I like to travel, and this being my first trip to Vegas, I can say that it is not on my top list of places to visit. There are several issues I have with Vegas, all are  just personal preferences about what I like to do, see and not be subjected to.
List of things I do not like about Vegas:
  1. Cigarette smoke (I cannot stand having to walk through the casino floor)
  2. Being around drunk people (generally they act really stupid and annoying)
  3. large crowds (especially when many of them are drunk and acting stupid)
  4. Someone trying to hand me something all the time (I really do not want to go to the strip club)
  5. People asking if I want to see a show about every 10 feet. (If I wanted to see a show I would purchase some tickets)
  6. I am not a gambler (I can waste my money on better things)
    (If I did gamble I could not stand being in a smoke filled room doing it)
I did enjoy some parts of Vegas, but there are many I cannot stand.
There are a lot of neat things to see in Vegas, some interesting shows to watch (most are way over priced), and the hotels have very elaborate themes.
List of things I did like about Vegas:
  1. The hotel decor (Cesar Palace, The Belagio, The Venetian, etc...)
  2. The wide selection of places to eat (ones that I have not been to before)
  3. Visiting Hoover Dam (which was probably the most exciting part of the whole trip)(I know it is not in Vegas)
  4. The shops/stores (mainly ones that we do not have locally)
The Hotel:
I was not impressed with the NY NY hotel, I think it is overpriced, and the accommodations are lacking. It is no better that staying in a Holiday Inn Express except it costs more.
You are charged a 20 per day resort fee, which makes the seemingly decent price for the room, not worth the stay. your $79 room turns into a $110 room after fees and taxes.
The food selection in the hotel was very lacking, and not really New York-ish, sure it had Nathans Hot dogs, a pizza place, an Irish Bar. It did not have a deli sandwich shop, coffee carts, and many other things you would really associate with New York.
Well enough complaining about Las Vegas, some people seem to really enjoy it, and I guess other can careless about the place. So if you like Vegas, go and have your fun, but I will be going somewhere else.