Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bahrain - Working for another manager is trying my patience

Well I am almost done with my small tour in Bahrain, and will be glad to be home. I will miss some of the people, they are great and were a joy to work with.
As for the project that my company is contracted on, I am a little pissed that nothing has really been done, since I last left from working over here. Well none of the projects that we were supposed to be working on. Many of the other vendors that had projects have finished, or are scheduled to finish their projects. It seems that the manager in charge has either not worried about the project or is clueless that his employees are lying to him.
The two people that were hired to come over here and work for the last year, which are not security minded people by the way, did almost nothing during the time they were over here. From what I can tell, it looks like they relied on other vendors to do most of the work and they took all of the credit for it. Most of the projects are not even actually started, but are marked as partially complete. I have been working on a Bit9 installation for a couple of weeks, there are 1200+ workstations in the environment, and only 130 systems have the software installed. There are no real policies defined, and  only two workstations are locked down. The manager believes that all systems have the software installed and they are completely protected, I tried to let him know, and he did not see to want to hear it. I dropped the conversations and began working on a solution to the issue.
I am ready to get back to pentesting, where I can actually do some good, well I will keep telling my self that. Many of my customers, just want a band-aid to cover over the problems, and not really work on fixing things, but I still get to have fun in the process.