Derbycon 4.0

Well Derbycon 4.0 is over, and now things have to go back to normal.
My boss has already scheduled me 3 new projects, and I have not finished last weeks projects because I was too excited to get to Derbycon.
Completed the Urban Bourbon Trail (all in half a day, which I do not recommend unless you have the full day). Started at 2pm on Thursday after arriving at the Hyatt in Louisville KY. and was done by 8pm that night. Felt terrible most of Friday morning but did not stop me from getting in on the CTF.
Had a blast at Derbycon, spent most of my time playing CTF and hanging out with friends.
Team nanerpwn came in 2nd place in the CTF, and we had a good lead for most of the time on Friday and Saturday. Could not hold on to the lead towards the end, had a few people drop off to head back home early. So maybe next year we will come in 1st, if we can get everyone to stay until Sunday afternoon.
Ready for Derbycon 5.0


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