Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Moving to Google Domains from

Well I am moving some of my domains to the Beta Google Domains, away from hosting. It has not been completely the easiest thing to do, I have unlocked my domains and disabled private registration. However, I have several sites that were still be locked an hour of changing their status. All of them finally were released to allow me to request the transfer to Google.
One main reason I am moving from is they continually raise their prices, and I am not a business so I do not make money from any of my sites. The other is that their mail services have become awful, unless you want move to their newer exchange mail service for a $5 per account/per month fee.
I have used them for about eight years, and originally started with their beginner package for $2.99 per month, but it is now up to $4.99 per month. While They do add some features, it seems that they make others worse for the older subscribers who do not upgrade to a better package.
The new MyWebsite package is $6.99 a month, with a few more options then I currently have, and I am guessing that my account will soon receive a price update to be closer to that price. Along with the price updates to all domain names I have registered, they use to cost me between $6.99 to $8.99, and are now all $14.99 per domain. Since I have 17 domains, that has made a drastic price increase to my costs to host websites. Another thing they pissed me off about was they sent a notice that they were discontinuing the use of PHP 5.2, so I migrated all of my systems to 5.4 or 5.5. They forgot to mention that I needed to discontinue the support for 5.2 in my billing, and billed me $4.99 for a month of support. They never mentioned that I had to do this or that it was added to my billing and I have to remove it.
Had always had an issue with the limited MySQL DB support, only allowing 100MB of data in one database is a little crappy. Especially when I can have a bunch of DB instances but only 100MB on each one, it makes it a pain to have to program to use multiple DB instances on a web site.
Transferred nine domains and was notified that it takes 5 days for to transfer the domain to the new provider, they stat that: "1&1 will release the domain after five(5) days as required by ICANN if there are no restrictions, disputes, etc." I guess I will have to wait and see how things will be at Google, and will give me sometime to figure out what I want to point the domain names to. I have moved one to Bitbucket repo already, and will just keep it pointed there once it is moved.
Will see how things go, and will need to move six more domains, but they are all used for email, and am not sure how long the outage will be on them. I will have to test one to see how things go, and what the outage on email will be. Then I have one that is tied to the main account for, and not sure how that will work to transfer it since it is tied to the hosting package. It is also the domain that is hosting this blog, so I will need to figure out where to host this site that will have access to PHP and MySQL, to allow me to host a couple web applications.

Friday, December 19, 2014

SANS SEC 542 - Washington DC CDI

Attended SANS SEC 542 Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking class in Washington DC at the Grand Hyatt from December 12 - 17 2014.
The instructor was Eric Conrad, and the class was fairly decent, and is a good start for anyone wanting to learn web application pentesting. I already had some extensive knowledge of web app testing, but decide to take the course anyways to see what SANS course were like.
Learned a few things, but primarily new most of the course material, most of the new things I learned are tool related. I do not usually use ZAP or W3AF, and since we used them in class I learned a few things about them and their capabilities.
There was a wide variety of people in the class, with about 30 students in the class room and about 15 online students. We had some that had no pentesting abilities, and some with a couple years experience.
The class was a six day course:
      DAY 1 : Attacker's View, Pentesting and Scoping
      DAY 2 : Recon & Mapping
      DAY 3 : Discovery
      DAY 4 : Discovery Continued
      DAY 5 : Exploitation
          DAY 6 : Capture the Flag
My team completed the CTF first, but Eric Conrad could not decide who yelled out first so he called it a tie with the team sitting just behind us.
The biggest things I learned from the class was actually not taught in the class room, it was talking to the people there who are doing pentesting and works in the security community. Plus the additional talks that were held after classes were well worth staying up late and not going sight seeing around DC.
Now I just need to figure out how to get my boss to allow me to attend another one next year.