Thursday, December 24, 2015

Splitting my time between 2 bosses

So my move over to the PCI-QSA world has been extremely slow, primarily due to upper management. I have been currently splitting my time between doing penetration testing and QSA work. It has not been an easy process working for two bosses who have different scheduling styles. One gives me my schedule months out, and the other will send me an email days before he expects me to start working on a project. This does not always work well since the one boss does not usually look at my calendar to see if I will be available. So I get scheduled to do a penetration test when I will be onsite at a customers doing PCI work. Usually never works out in my favor, and makes for working long hours, with no compensation for it.
My bosses boss (our COO) said that on Jan 1 2016 I will move over to the PCI group but will still need to assist the penetration testing group with some projects. Not sure that is actually going to happen. The one thing that makes this a pain is they already hired a person to fill me on the team, but another person left in November leaving another shortage. The interesting thing is this same issue I am having with moving groups is the same reason I left the company the first time I worked there.
Only time will tell if I actually get to do my new job or if I am stuck being split between bosses.