Friday, December 2, 2016


Had a former colleague post a cipher puzzle on a Slack channel I hang out on.

I figured I would give it a try, since I like to do puzzles.
The site was a link to an ARCYBER web site:

Looking at the cipher text, I was like you have to be kidding me. This is too easy, so I ran it through a script I made a few years back to break vigenère ciphers for another puzzle I had worked.

While the script is not perfect, it was able to decode this cipher text.

Eexl fmoi! 
Well done!

Jabnh gsl'ze decbjrx lvtv, gsl uak hctf xyw gvltpj 
Since you're reading this, you may have the skills

inp mqrjzrlwzq bs awiz tjc Bvdq hpdu! 
and motivation to join the Army team

Pvirz mqpf esgie bwyi xofeprjec xiexzi nqtt ATAZFVJ.
Learn more about your potential future with ARCYBER.


So putting the key into the website you get the full response.

You got a link to email someone that you solved the puzzle.

So I was like sure, what could it hurt, might get an offer to apply for some cool jobs with the government (not really).

The response from my email to solving the puzzle.

Congratulations on solving the puzzle and for your interest in the Army's cyber mission. We ask that you fill out a form found at   so we can continue discussions about how you can best fit into our Army's cyber professional workforce. We thank you for your inquiry and are committed to providing information as it becomes available. You may check out our website for the latest cyber career field updates at

Mike Milord

Public Affairs Specialist
Army Cyber Command
8605 6th Armored Cavalry Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755

It takes to the Army website to request information to join.
I figure since I already have 24 years of service in the military they will not want me.