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Traveling around the world

I travel a lot for work, and have been reading several travel site blogs as of lately.

Some are down right stupid and a waste of time, while a few are useful with relevant inforamtion.
None of them are 100% accurate, and all have some biased toward one thing or another.

Blogs I do like to read often:

I know there are more, but these are the ones I read the most. Most of them have the same content onbonus points/miles and card to use.
My preferences for travel:
Flight: Delta  (Platinum)
(I travel out of a regional airport and the other carriers have screwed me a time or two)
Hotel: Hilton (Diamond), Marriott (Gold), Hyatt (Discoverist)
(Some have asked my why I have 3 hotel preferences, and I have always told them none of these brands are perfect in all cities or have a good hotel in all cities I have visited.)
Car: Hertz (President Circle…

Starting again....

Well it has been a wile since I have posted anything, planning to get back to posting once in a while. Hopefully not pissing off my current employer in the process, but guess they will get over that, or I will be finding a new endeavor.

Stopped posting some items as I have had several confrontations on publicly available news articles I posted on LinkedIn and twitter by several people at my current employer.

Started focusing more on pentesting in my spare time to keep my technical skills up, as my current work is rather boring and non-technical. Started working on Hack The Box systems, in my spare time to get back into the groove. Thinking of moving back to pentesting and away from compliance work, it used to be fun, but that feeling has been long gone.